Thursday, September 6, 2012

Song Robot

Would you like to learn to start playing your favorite songs at your own pace? If so, the Song Robot is for you! The Song Robot converts your music midi files and displays what the pianist is playing on illuminated piano keys. You then learn how to play a song by watching and copying what’s displayed. Some of the other features of this software include the following: 
1) Slow down to “Turtle Speed”
2) In all 12 keys
3) Your choice of red colored notes or real 3d notes being pressed down
4) With ability to stop, pause, rewind, fast forward
5) Blow the keyboard up so you can see the keys better
6) It shows the right hand and left hand keyboard split
7) And much more....

The following link shows you a video demonstration and actually shows you how to purchase this revolutionary software.

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