Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jazz Intensive Training Center

The Jazz Intensive Training Center is the greatest online training for jazz piano and here's why.  You do not have to know anything about playing jazz piano.  You do need a desire to play and a will to practice.  This 12 month, online training video teaching can have you playing runs and improvising in no time!

What to expect from Jazz Intensive Training Center
1. Learn how and when to play runs
2. incredible power of altered chords
3. ending in style
4. crash course in bebop scales...
5. modes and soloing
6. major and minor scale harmony
7. voicing and scale structures
8. secret to minor chords
9. when chords are held (static chords)
10. what stacked fourth chords are
11. how to master jazz standards and tunes
12. dimished and half-diminished scales
13. and how to use them to your advantage
14. complicated chords made easy
15. how to master scale and runs pros use
16. how to use own creativity

James Wrubel has played all over the world as an accomplished jazz pianist.  Wrubel received his Bachelor's at Dartmoth College and is currently finishing up his requirements as a physician.

James Wrubel has a mild demeanor with a golden smile.  However, excitement exudes as he walks though step-by-step how to play jazz piano.

To enroll in Jazz Intensive Training Center simply click here: http://www.hearandplay.com/go/?p=a480396&w=JITC  and pay a set up fee of only $2.97 for the first month!  You'll receive Jazz 101 and Jazz 201 as free downloads.  James Wrubel instructs in those fine jazz piano trainings as well.

So if soloing up and down the piano and improvising at a seconds notice is a true desire of yours.  Commit to practicing and applying the teachings of James Wrubel.  This system is perfect whether you  are with or without experience, whether you want to gig, or just enjoy jazz.

Learn to play for your loved ones within weeks with Jazz Intensive Training Center.  You need to be serious about playing jazz piano and willing to spend some time.  Hours upon hours on jazz chords is not what you will get here.

You get an organized step-by-step curriculum that takes you by the hand.  This course eliminates confusion as it teaches necessary precepts in order to ensure success. 

You will be assigned homework after each session.  So, be sure to stay vigilant and at practice that you will accomplish all your set goals!  

Currently, the first 50 enrolled into Jazz Intensive Training Center will receive Jazz 101 and Jazz 201 free.  Also the first 200 enrolled will receive a monthly subscription for only $25 a month.  You can start now for the first month as a trial test run for a set up fee of $2.97.

Visit the actual sales page  http://www.hearandplay.com/go/?p=a480396&w=JITC

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Nikki Felder said...

I'm starting to respect jazz more and more, thanks to my husband!

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