Saturday, September 8, 2012

Back Pocket Band

Back Pocket band is a software that has been on the market for quite a while now but I just want to give you my person review of this product.  It plays tracks with both bass and drums or both. It also plays tracks in all 12 keys and in one of three tempos of slow, medium, or fast. Music styles include Shouting, Praise, and Grooves. They are all apparently individually recorded and provide that “live” playing feel.

Tracks are recorded in MP3 format and are automatically downloaded to your computer once you run the program. You can also stream the files while you are waiting for the initial downloads to complete. 

I really think this is a great idea and I’m really surprised nobody has done this earlier. There is a pretty big demand I think for backtracks in the Gospel music field and I’m glad to see HearandPlay take the lead on this. Whether the backtracks will expand to other musical genres like Neo-Soul or actual Gospel Music Songs remains to be seen. Ultimately it would be cool to have a drum and bass backtrack for popular Gospel songs to practice with. 

I should also add that I previously bought HearandPlay’s Song Robot Software and I can definitely say that HearandPlay does a great job of updating and supporting it’s products. Nowadays you’ll find many software companies who release software products and then leave them to fade away into history after a year or so. This is not so with HearandPlay software products. There have been numerous updates and additional song midi files added to the Song Robot system. I’m confident things will be the same for “Back Pocket Band”.

Here’s more of the features you get:

* It gives you access to over 350 real-sounding backing tracks.
* Practice and live performance files are played in all 12 keys.
* You can choose between speeds: slow, medium, and fast.
* 3 different sections, 9 styles of music, & drums-only option.
* Instant streaming playback and automatic downloading to your system for burning to cd, transfer to ipod, and editing.
* And much more…

If you're interested in learning more about this product please click the following link. It provides a video tutorial of how this product works and it also shows you how to purchase this product. 

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