Friday, July 1, 2011

Triplet Armor of Righteousness, Prayer and Fasting

There is unimaginable dynamite which is released by the combined triplet armor of righteousness, prayer and fasting. When one is in right standing (righteous) with God and prayer is combined with fasting, it is capable of doing more than we can imagine. When we have the right standing with God, combined with prayer and fasting, lives are saved, Satan is put to flight and the authority of Jesus Christ is released to enforce the will of God on earth. In addition, Christians are better positioned to reign in life and manifest the glory of God on earth. That is one of the reasons brother James says in James 5:16b: “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much”.

Righteousness, which is right standing with God, prepares one’s heart and mind to be in unity for partnership with God in prayer. Fasting subdues the flesh, thus bringing down the barriers established by wars between spirit and flesh. As a result, an atmosphere of peace, love and unity are built between each other. Under this atmosphere of unity and peace, the spirit of man, which is born again, can now effectively commune with God in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Under this partnership, established under the foundation of righteousness and deepened by fasting and the covenant that was already established at spiritual birth, the inner man is renewed. It is made more effective to bring one into intimate fellowship with God. Under the umbrella of this intimate fellowship, effective prayer in partnership with God is carried out.

We will discuss in the upcoming series of teachings how right standing with God, combined with fasting, can make our prayer more effective. We will see, in detail, each piece of the triplet armor and how they depend on one another for the very purpose of enforcing the will of God on earth and on our behalf.

Within the first topic of righteousness, which is right standing with God, we will discuss how righteousness comes, what it offers and what makes one righteous. Other important topics we will discuss are: walking in righteousness (how we can walk and how we can be effective in our walk in righteousness), the armor of righteousness, and when righteousness is missing.

Next, during the discussions of prayer, we are going to discuss what prayer is, how to pray, when we should pray, why we should pray, and the enemies of an effective prayer. We will also discuss how we can deepen and bring more effectiveness to our prayers, as well as what happens when we do not pray.

Lastly we are going to discuss fasting. In this discussion, we will talk about my personal experience with fasting, benefits of fasting, types of fasting, when to fast, how fasting can be abused, what is biblical recommended fasting, and tips for effective fasting.

As mentioned, we will start with “righteousness” as the basic foundation that will enable God to partner with us as we pray and fast for effective results.


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