Friday, February 5, 2010

Gospel Keys Urban Instructional DVD


Today is the day! My friends at have just
released their latest GospelKeys Urban Pro 600 DVD course!

to see video clips and audio samples of what the course will
teach you.

The dvd courses are selling fast so I recommend you get to their website to check it out! Also, for a limited time, they're offering a bonus disc with exclusive (...never before seen) footage! The total course is 4 discs and almost 6 hours long!

For a 4-disc, almost 6-hour course, $69 is a giveaway! Where else can you get gospel music lessons for $11 an hour?


With this new "Urban Gospel" course you'll be able to...

* Implement a host of simple tricks that are guaranteed to
instantly add that well-known west coast flavor to your playing
(like Jason White and Mike Burrell).

* Beef up your playing drastically by adding these small
little grace notes, slides, and fill-ins to your chord
transitions. Jon utilizes this trick at least 80% of the time
and he spills the beans on exactly what to do to "own" it.

* How to master the art of passing chords so that your
chord progressions and songs never sound dull or "predictable."
As you'll learn in the course, the goal is to be
"unpredictable." That's when you know you've arrived.

* Learn the ways of the west coast and how to contemporize
your playing by using countless numbers of "stu?pid "
chords, movements, and accidentals! (Note: Please don't be
offended. This is real terminology in the gospel musician

* How to play tons of opened and closed chords and how to
use them at the right time.

... And much much more!

If you're like me, you know how hard it is to find valuable
resources for gospel musicians! If you're truly serious about
learning the urban style of gospel music, this could very
well be what you've been looking for!

to take advantage of today's special offer!

All the best,

Chevonne Reynolds

Oh Wait! - At least take advantage of their free newsletter
and over 60 free online lessons at:

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