Sunday, August 30, 2009

Learning how to be diligently committed to God and what he gives us! Part 1

1. Definitions
commitment- a pledge or promise (vow)
faithful- to be loyal; reliable; dependable
diligent- persevering and careful in work; hardworking; to be consistent and steady

2. When a person is committed to something or someone, he/she usually does not have feelings to back them up....therefore, we see that commitment is a decision and not a feeling.

3. In order to get anything else from God, we must first be faithful and committed to what we have [Luke 13:10 NASB] says: He who is faithful in a very little thing is faithful also in much; and he who is unrighteous in a very little thing is unrighteous also in much.

4. Every man or woman of God who ever achieved anything in life always understood the value and importance of being committed to do what God called them to do even when it caused them to be uncomfortable for a season. [Hebrews 11:25] says: Choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.

5. Commitment is something that is easy to say or start, but not so easy to finish and see it through til the end. In [Eccl 5:4-5] God says that it is better not to vow or commit than to vow and not follow through.

6. God can only radically and dramatically bless those who are diligently faithful and committed to his will and to his way.

7. God usually allows us to be put or kept in divers situations to prove how loyal and devoted we are to him. [Joshua 22:5 Amplified Bible] says:
But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law which Moses the servant of the Lord charged you: to love the Lord your God and to walk in all His ways and to keep His commandments and to cling to and unite with Him and to serve Him with all your heart and soul [your very life]. It's easy to love God and be faithful over what he gives you as long as you feel good and things look good, but will we continue to be committed and faithful to God when:
(a). we're not getting our way
(b). we don't see or feel our way
(c). we aren't being treated fairly
(d). no one else is encouraging you to be faithful

8. Usually when things get hard, weak Christians tend to faint and give up, but what separates the true Christians from the fake ones is the fact that no matter what happens, comes or goes, we never give up on God. True Christians make a life-long vow or promise to God that only death will keep them from fulfilling. [see 2 Timothy 2:2-3 KJV and 1 Peter 4:19 Amplified version]

9. In [Job 13:15 KJV] Job refuses to give up on God in spite of all he was going through. In [Acts 14:19-22 Amplified version] Paul is stoned and left for dead but yet he did not quit preaching God's word, he got up and continued to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. These are reasons why we aren't instantly made leaders because steadfastness, diligence, patience, and faithfulness only comes or is demonstrated during our tests and trials. [see Romans 5:3-4 Amplified version]

10. According to [2 Corinthians 12:9-10 KJV] God's strength is made perfect in our weakest points. Therefore, even when we want to give up and quit...God will stand up inside of us and pick up where we left off. We can only feel the overwhelming presence of God when our backs are against the wall and no one else can help us but him. When you are down to nothing, God is up to something. But if we don't have a close personal relationship with God, how can he step in for us.

11. People who abandon their commitments are those who really don't know God. Because to know God is to know his Word and to know his Word is to be committed to doing it whether we feel like it or not.

12. Truly committed Christians are usually lone rangers, they stand on God's word alone, they are often rejected and misunderstood because of their uncompromising commitment to God and because they absolutely refuse to be like everyone else.

********************to be continued********************

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