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Mike Bereal's instructional dvd

Are you creative when it comes to playing the piano?

Are you able to change up your style and play new things on the spur of the moment or does all your stuff sound the same way every time you sit down at the piano?

Maybe you're like most musicians who literally get frozen when it comes to thinking outside the box and adding flavor to your playing?

Or perhaps you've been playing the same songs, the same chords, the same arrangements for YEARS and have lost the passion and enthusiasm you once had when everything seemed fresh and new to you?

Whether you consider yourself insanely creative, a little creative, or just "stuck" in old ways, if you keep reading, you'll be helped in several ways:

  • You'll discover how to think differently than 80% of musicians out there and how what you already know (yes, even basic chords) can quickly and easily be rearranged and manipulated to sound so beautiful, full, and stylish that you wouldn't even recognize them.

  • You'll be exposed to everlasting principles that apply to all styles of gospel playing. This resource doesn't just focus on contemporary worship. It covers worship, traditional congregational styles, high praise, and uptempo shouting techniques (...basically every element of a standard church service).

  • You'll gain momentum and enthusiasm again as you start spicing up your playing with ideas you never thought you'd be able to think up, let alone play! Trust me... all it takes is for you to hear yourself sounding just a little bit like Mike Bereal and the feeling will become addictive. You'll then want to learn more and more because not only will you notice an increase in confidence, but you'll also start getting lots of praise from others who hear you.

  • You'll learn how to multiply your options on the piano so that you never have to play the same identical thing TWICE. If you listened to the video clip above, you were probably astounded at how creative Mike Bereal could get. Even when you thought he had pulled out his best trick, there was MORE to come. And the truth is, if he had played for 30-minutes straight, you would have gotten 30 full minutes of fresh, creative, "outside-the-box" ideas, one after the other. Imagine what it would feel like to have that many options on the piano...

  • And many more things...

...So fasten your seatbelt because I'm about to introduce you to something that will change the way you look at music forever.

But first, a few things about Mike...

"Introducing My Good Friend, Michael Bereal"

http://www.hearandplay.com/mikepic.jpgMichael Bereal has been playing the piano ever since he could spell the word "piano." For over 25 years he's perfected his style, which is recognized and referenced by musicians and listeners all around the world.

He's played piano, organ, synthesizer, and bass for a countless number of gospel artists like Donnie McClurkin, Mary Mary, Bishop T.D. Jakes, Beverly Crawford, Judith McAllister, Tonex, Kim Burrell, Kurt Carr, Renee Spearman, Norman Hutchins, Alaska Mass Choir, Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Twinkie Clark, Marvin Sapp, Juanita Bynum, Bishop Noel Jones, Soul Seekers, Smokie Norful, Denetria Champ, Doc Powell, Olivia Williams, Eddie Baltrip, Coko, Bishop Paul Morton, and many more. He has also produced many of their albums.

The image “http://www.hearandplay.com/westa1.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.hearandplay.com/bishopblake.jpgMichael is also the head keyboardistat West Angeles Church Of God In Christ, where Bishop Charles E. Blake is the pastor and Presiding Bishop over the entire Church Of God In Christ (COGIC) denomination all over the world!

He's cited on gospel music forums across the net and referred to on video sites like youtube by musicians all around the globe.

I trust very few people over him to deliver fresh, practical, easy-to-understand techniques and principles to playing contemporary gospel music by ear!

"What If Someone, Who Has Played On Just About Every Popular Gospel Album Of This Decade, Could Hold You By The Hand And Show You Some Of His Most Coveted Secrets?"

This is what GospelKeys Master Class Volume 1 Featuring Michael Bereal will do for you.

You'll get the opportunity to learn stylistic approaches, chords, movements, patterns, "licks & tricks," and songs from one of the most sought-after gospel musicians on the planet.

"Finally! Mike Bereal and Hear & Play Music Collide To Bring You The First And Only Course Teaching His Techniques From The Man Himself!"


This master class series is finally going to reveal how a "Mike Bereal" thinks. And I can honestly say that none of our other course come close to revealing some of the secrets Mike shares as this is the first time we've held someone of his caliber hostage in our studio to produce a 3-hour course solely dedicated toCREATIVE PLAYING.

So if you've been stuck in the same place for a while (or even if you feel like you're growing fast), there's something in this course that will revolutionize the way you play and THINK.

"Do You Need GospelKeys Master Class Volume 1?"

Who should continue to read this page?

  • Anyone who has reached a creative "glass ceiling" and not only wants to add flavor to their playing but wants to know how to develop the THINKING that allows such innovative creativity.

  • Anyone who feels "stuck" playing the same stuff over and over and wants to start playing "outside-the-box" chords, arrangements, and progressions.

  • Anyone who's at an intermediate level and realizes that there is a "next phase" that's not too far away if they grasp the right techniques and principles.

  • Anyone who is a huge fan of Mike's music and the albums he's produced and wants to add some of his signature moves to their playing.

  • Anyone who has not developed their own unique style and needs a push in the right direction by looking at how a seasoned professional has perfected his style.

  • Anyone wanting to learn fresh and new ideas to incorporate into their worship, traditional congregational songs, high praise, shouting music, and more.

  • And anyone hungry for more!


"Here's Specifically What You'll Get Out Of GospelKeys Master Class Volume One"

How to multiply your options on the piano so that you never have to play the same identical thing TWICE. This is the difference between a creative, free-flowing musician and a "canned" one.

Diversify your sound and learn how to to add tender and delicate undertones to your style! NOTE: Not all songs need a lot of power-punched chords. Many times "less" ends up being a lot "more." Mike will show you when and when not to "punch it!"

How to think on a whole different level and quickly and easily play things that will have other musicians literally drooling at the mouth (isn't that what you feel like when you watch Mike's video clip?IMAGINE BEING THAT PERSON ON THE KEYS)...

Get contemporary! Now you can spice up your traditional gospel playing with loads of phat chords and placements from one of the hottest gospel musicians on the planet! (Mike has played for Mary Mary, Judith McAllister, Beverly Crawford, Donnie McClurkin, andMANY MORE!)

Master tons of arpeggio worship techniques on your right hand that'll have you sounding like a gospel veteran every time you sit down at the piano!

Learn the secrets to creating the perfect transitions and lead-insto the next phase of the church service no matter what you're currently playing! NOTE: It is imperative that you master this as there can be a huge burden on you to effectively carry the worship service from one area to the next.

Incorporate Mike's "roll-over" method into your playing. This unorthodox move will literally turn everyone's head and give your playing that extra flare you've been looking for!

How to take songs you've redundantly played for years and drastically improve them so much that they feel foreign to you when you play them (I know it seems hard for a song you've played for 5-10 years to seem new to you but after watching this course, I guarantee you'll experience enthusiastic growth again!)...

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